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Riso RZ-200ep Duplicator A4

Used A4 RISO RZ-200ep Duplicator in perfect condition.
Very few copies on the counter: 434,000.
Counter masters: 898.
300x600dpi resolution scanner.
Print speed: adjustable on 5 levels up to 130 pages / minute.
Paper weight of 46gr./m to 157gr./m.
Feed feeder capacity: 1,000 sheets.
Capacity of the receiving tray: 1,000 sheets.
Comes with a starter kit including 1 master roll and 1 black ink cartridge.
On stand / mobile cabinet for easy movement.
Warranty 6 months.
Price: 1.090,00 euros excl.tav.
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GR-480PX Guillotine machine

Used GR-480PX electric paper guillotine.
Machine maintained and fully reconditioned.
The GR-480PX is fully automatic with lowering of the press and cutting blade.
Equipped with safety barriers for greater working comfort.
Equipped with a double backgauge guiding system that gives a cutting accuracy of 0.1mm.
Programmable: 99 programs with 21 positions each with programming screen very easy to use.
Cutting length: 480mm.
Depth of cut: 480mm.
Cutting height: 80mm.
Minimum cut: 30mm.
Dimensions: l= 780mm x D= 1050mm x H= 1290mm.
Weight: 215kg.
3 months warranty.
Price: 2.260,00 euros VAT excl.
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PLASTI 330 Laminating machine

Professional Roll Laminator Mamo Plasti 330 in excellent general condition and little used.
The Plasti 330 is a hot laminator that can use rol up to 1000 meters in length.
Equipped with an anti-curling system allowing the document to remain flat at the exit.
Control screen with accurate temperature display.
Possibility to adjust the temperature of the two rollers independently.
Opening between the rollers: 5mm.
Technical characteristics :
Maximum paper width: 360mm.
Max laminating width: 330mm.
Motorized Auto Advance.
Anti-jam function, reverse.
Thickness of the film : from 25μ to 250 microns.
Pressure adjustable in 3 positions.
Adjustable tension bar.
Production speed up to 1.6 m / minute.
Core 25mm and 57mm.
Temperature adjustable from 0 to 170C.
Power consumption: 700 watts.
Dimensions: W= 670mm x D= 440mm x H= 310mm.
Weight: 28kg.
3 months warranty.
Price: 890,00 euros excl.vat.
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Ideal 4850/95 ep Electric guillotine

Used IDEAL 4850/95ep electric guillotine.
Machine completely overhauled by Authorized Technical Service.
Fully automatic and programmable trimmer for repetitive cuts.
Maximum cutting width : 475mm.
Maximum cutting capacity : 80mm.
Depth of table : 458mm.
Minimum cut : 30mm.
Electric press.
Electric backgauge advance, programmable microprocessor controlled (9 programs with 9 cutting positions).
Display of measurements on LCD screen.
Optical cutting line.
Stand included.
Dimensions (HxWxD): 1230 x 755 x 970mm.
Weight: 215kg.
Power supply: 230V / 50Hz - Power 1,52KW.
Complies with CE safety standards.
Comes with a used reserve blade sharpened.
Warranty 6 months.
Price: 2.180,00 euros excl.vat.
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Lami REVO T14 Automatic laminating machine

LAMI REVO T14 automatic laminator, showroom model.
Real opportunity at a price crushed!
Fully automatic laminator with finished cut.
Robust Japanese manufacture, it is able to absorb large volumes of documents to laminate.
Easy to use, it's the use of laminating pouches. The REVO 14T will bring you an undeniable time saving thanks to its autonomy!
Impressive productivity:
It is able to laminate 100 A4 paper documents in 14 minutes.
Easy access to the inside of the machine:
Ability to easily clean the inside of the device using the "open lid" function.
Fully automatic hot laminator incorporating sheet-feed paper.
Laminating up to A3 format.
Fully automatic operations ranging from paper feeding, double-sided encapsulation and cutting.
Reduced operating time by about 60% compared to pouch laminators.
Reduction of working time and hours of operation (replacement of staff manpower for added value).
LED indication of the control panel allowing an easy confirmation of the current settings.
Automatic feeder with a capacity of 300 sheets 80gr./m.
With a great autonomy thanks to its ability to use films with a length up to 150 meters in length.
Thickness of the supports: from 60gr. at 160gr./m.
Paper sizes: A5, A4 & A3.
Laminating width: 305mm.
Speed: 160cm / minute.
Power: 1150 watts.
Temperature: adjustable up to 120 .
Digital counter.
Great choices of gloss, matte and SofTouch film qualities.
Detecting double paper intake and lack, the Lami Revo-14T is fully autonomous and allows you to safely perform other work while it works!
1 year warranty.
To be seized for 5.850,00 euros excl. VAT (a discount of 52% on the selling price).
Optional support metal cabinet with door with key at 295,00 euros excl.vat.
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DigiCard MSD SRA3 Automatic Card Cutter

Automatic Card Cutter DigiCard MSDSRA3, show-room machine.
Business cards, thank you cards, photos, etc ... are the main uses of this wonderful digicard MSD-SRA3.
Sharp steel slitter.
Self-grinding function to ensure a sharp edge.
Multi-direction adjustement function.
Equipped with a brand reader.
Cutting on the whole page.
Long life knife tool.
High accuracy: 0.1mm.
The most flexible in its range.
Reception tray with dividers.
Paper size max. : 320mm x 480mm.
Longitudinal cut as desired.
Equipped as standard with a 55mm x (40mm to 250mm) cutting cassette.
Several choices of available cutting widths. (interchangeable cassettes).
All cassettes have an adjustable cutting length from 40mm to 250mm.
Paper weight: from 150gr./m to 300gr./m.
Speed: 70 pieces / minute.
Feeder capacity: 20mm.
Power supply 240 volts - 0.5 Amps.
Dimensions in operation: L=750mm x W=550mm x H=280mm.
Weight: 36kg.
Warranty 1 year.
Price : 1.895,00 euros excl.vat.
Option: Cassette 65mm x (40mm to 250mm) to 485,00 euros VAT included.
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Royal Sovereign RSH-380SL Laminating machine

Laminating machine Royal Sovereign RSH-380SL, show-room machine.
Large film roll capacity (up to 200mm diameter)
De-Curling device for the high quality of single laminating.
Double & Single(OPP film) Laminating function.
Power consumption : 1200 W.
Film thickness : 25~250.
Max laminating width : 380mm.
Max laminating speed : 5m/min.
Ready time : 8 min.
Laminating method : Thermal.
Drive method : DC motor.
Max Temperature : Up to 150.
Speed control : 9 settings.
Cross cutter : Yes.
Mounting Thickness : Up to 6mm.
Weight 40kg.
Unit dimensions (WxDxH) : 52cm x 60cm x 43cm.
Warranty 1 year.
Price : 1.295,00 euros excl. VAT.
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Duplo DFC-12 Collator at 12 stations SRA3

Used DUPLO DFC-12 friction collator.
Machine in excellent condition and maintained by an Authorized Technical Service.
Equipped with 12 SRA3 stations.
Adjustable speed up to 4,200 sets / hour.
Capacity per station : 28mm.
Capacity of the stacking : 70mm.
Minimum paper size : 160 x 140mm.
Maximum paper size : 320 x 450mm.
Paper weight from 60 to 130gr./m.
Missing, double, jam and filled tray detection.
3 months warranty.
Price: 2.490,00 euros excl. VAT.
Option mobile metal stand: 245,00 euros excl.VAT.
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Unibind Lot de consommables Lot of 75 new boxes

Liquidation of a stock of 75 new and complete boxes of UNIBIND UniHard Cover and UniFlex Cover consumables (see photo).
Different thicknesses and colors.
Sold in a single lot.
To seize for the price sacrificed of 500,00 euros except vat.
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Powis Parker FASTBACK 15 XS Thermobind machine

Used FASTBACK 15XS Strip Thermobind machine.
Binding capacity up to 330 sheets 80gr./m.
Binding speed: 20s.
Warranty 3 months.
Price : 850,00 euros excl.vat.
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Royal Sovereign RET-2501 Electric Trimmer

Showroom machine Royal Sovereign RET-2501 electric cutter for paper, cardboard or vinyls allowing a cutting length of 250cm.
Perfectly suited for cutting vinyls, canvas, laminates, paper, lexan, styrene, etc ...
Bi-directional cut with pedal release.
Self-locking media press before cutting.
Cutting width: 250cm.
Cutting thickness: 1mm.
Speed: 2 meters/sec.
Dimensions: L=2970mm x D=500mm x H=1020mm.
Power supply : 220V-240V - 50Hz.
Power: 130 watts.
Weight: 70kg.
1 year warranty.
Complies with CE safety standards.
Price: 1.795,00 euros excl.vat.
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HITI CS-200E Card Printer

Used Card Printer HITI CS-200E.
Machine in excellent condition.
A sublime print quality: real and vivid colors at the same time, gradients respected, edge to edge almost perfect, glossy printed badge.
The CS200e magnifies printing on PVC cards.
With a full-color production rate of 240 cards per hour, the HiTi CS200E is by far the card printer with the fastest color printing speed.
Included Trust Id Classic Edition software.
Includes 1 color transfer roll for 400 card printing.
Warranty 3 months.
Price : 595,00 euros excl.vat.
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520 Pro Electric Guillotine Machine

SUNRAY 520 Pro electric guillotine fully reconditioned and equipped with a new blade and a new counter blade.
Fully programmable - 99 programs with 16 positions.
Adjustable pressure.
Security barriers.
Lighting of the cutting line.
Cutting width: 520mm.
Depth of cut: 520mm.
Cutting height: 80mm.
Minimum cut: 20mm.
Dimensions: L=102cm x D=135cm x H=116cm.
Weight: 350Kg.
Power supply 240v - 50Hz.
Delivery with a new reserve blade.
Warranty 3 months.
Price : 2.490,00 euros excl.vat.
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Royal Sovereign RSL-2700 Laminating machine A2

Royal Sovereign RSL-2700 - show-room machine.
Cost-effective for digital finishing.
Compact entry level 660mm wide thermal encapsulator.
Doble hot laminating.
Quick start up.
New style hot shoe type heating method.
Max. laminating width : 660mm.
Film thickness : 38 & 75.
Max. laminating speed : 1.800mm/min.
Mounting thickness : 0,4mm.
Power Consumption : 1450w.
Dimensions (WxDxH) : 920mm x 520mm x 400mm.
Weight : 45kg.
Warranty 1 year.
Price : 985,00 euros evat.
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Royal Sovereign RSC-1400 LS Cold laminator

Showroom cold laminator Royal Sovereign RSC-1400LS.
Machine in strictly new condition.
Wide Format Cold Roll Laminators allows you to easily handle the largest prints, banners, posters and signs.
They are designed for use with pressure sensitive laminating films, mounting adhesives and backing films.
55"laminating width for wide format laminating.
Document guides for straight feeding of material.
Laser safety systems and emergency stops.
High quality silicone rubber rollers.
Maximum laminating width 65 inches.
Mounting up to 1 inch thick.
Easy load film supply shafts.
Remote control and foot pedal for hands-free operation.
Compact design.
Warranty 1 year.
Price : 2.595,00 euro evat.
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Riso HS5000 High Speed Scanner + ADF

This high-speed scanner offers superior performance with high-resolution 600-dpi, high-speed 50-ppm, and high-volume 100-sheet capacity for quick and convenient color copying and scanning!
Documents can quickly and easily be copied, scanned or stored in PDF, TIFF, and JPEG formats.
Warranty 6 months.
Price : 695,00 euros evat.
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