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Smipack SL-44 Packing machine

Used packing machine Smipack SL-44.
Warranty 3 months.
Price 750,00 euros excl.VAT.
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MFM-121 Map Folding machine

Used map folding machine MFM-121.
Folding width 121.5cm, which allows to pass a plane A0 by the long side.
Distance between folds: 21cm.
Folding speed 1 fold / second.
Paper weight: 65gr./m up to 135gr./m.
Manual release.
Dimensions: W=133cm x D=54cm x H=105cm.
Weight: 74kg.
Warranty 6 months.
Price : 740,00 euros excl.vat.
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SUNRAY 520P Electrical Guillotine Machine

Used guillotines SUNRAY 520P.
Fully reconditioned machine with new blade and new stick.
Powerful cutting action.
Adjustable clamp pressure.
Cutting line.
Cutting width : 520mm.
Cutting Height : 80mm.
Minimum length cut : 520mm.
Maximum length cut : 520mm.
Programmable : Yes.
Photocells : Yes.
Back-gauge Electric : Yes.
Weight 350kg.
Power Supply : 240V.-50Hz.
Delivery with a new reserve blade.
Warranty 6 months.
Price : 3.450,00 euros excl.VAT.
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Stago H18T Flat Stapling Machine

Used staplingmachine STAGO H18T.
Flat stapling machine, hand operated, with table A3.
Paper stack 18mm.
Uses staples 69/8 to 69/22.
Store of 150 staples.
Standard table model.
Dimensions 530 x 450 x 350mm.
Weight 13kg.
Warranty 3 month.
Price : 425,00 euros excl.vat.
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Powis Parker FASTBACK 15XS Binding Machine

Used binding machine Fastback 15XS.
Warranty 3 months.
Price : 1.190,00 euro excl.VAT.
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Superfax Booklet SF-2 Bookletmaker

Bookletmachine Superfax SF-2, show-room machine.
Now you can create professionally-made booklet publications in the comfort of your own shop/office, and keep the extra saving in your pocket.
The BookletMac is fast and easy to use, allowing you to produce up to 800 booklets per hour and up to 64 pages.
Its versatile functions gives you the option of Fold & Staple, Fold only or Staple only.
The Bookletmac is Perfect for Bindery, Print Shop, Copy Center, Corporation, Advertising Agency, School, Church, Office and more!
Time saving : Up to 800 booklets per hour.
Powerful: Up to 16 sheets of 20 lbs paper at a time (64 pages).
Warranty 1 year.
Price : 1.390,00 euro evat.
Included 1 box with 5000 staples 26/6.
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Nagel CITOBORMA 180 Drilling Machine

Used drilling machine Nagel Citoborma 180.
Machine in excellent condition and very little used.
Equipped with a new 6mm diameter drill bit and a new counter blade.
Large sliding tray with tabulator included.
Solid cast iron frame.
Punching capacity: 60mm - 600 sheets 80gr./m.
Document width: 470mm.
Max edge distance: 105mm.
Uses wicks from 2mm to 14mm in diameter.
Warranty 6 months.
Price : 885,00 euros evat.
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Royal Sovereign RSL-2700 Laminating machine A2

Royal Sovereign RSL-2700 - show-room machine.
Cost-effective for digital finishing.
Compact entry level 660mm wide thermal encapsulator.
Doble hot laminating.
Quick start up.
New style hot shoe type heating method.
Max. laminating width : 660mm.
Film thickness : 38 & 75.
Max. laminating speed : 1.800mm/min.
Mounting thickness : 0,4mm.
Power Consumption : 1450w.
Dimensions (WxDxH) : 920mm x 520mm x 400mm.
Weight : 45kg.
Warranty 1 year.
Price : 985,00 euros evat.
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KeenCut Evolution E2 - 360cm Wide format cutting machine

Keencut Evolution E2 360cm + Big Bench - show-room machine.
The Keencut Evolution-E2 - 360cm integrated wide format cutting system was designed to revolutionise the speed, accuracy and convenience of the finishing process.
Intended to fit on any bench or the purpose built Keencut EVO 2 Bench the all new Evolution-E2 shares the same outstanding 1:15000 straightness accuracy guarantee of the first generation Evolution and the world renowned Javelin Xtra cutter bar.
Warrantly 2 years.
Price : 1.695,00 euros excl.VAT.
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Riso MZ-770 Duplicator A3 - 2 colors

Used RISO MZ-770 2-Color Duplicator.
Equipped with a black drum and a red drum.
Machine in excellent condition and maintained by an Authorized Technical Service.
Number of copies: 1600150.
Max paper size: 297mm x 432mm.
Paper weight: from 46gr./m to 210gr./m.
Speed 150 pages/minute.
Scanner resolution: 600 x 600dpi.
Print resolution: D600 x 600dpi.
Included cabinet.
Included starter kit (1 black ink cartridge, 1 color ink cartridge & 1 roll masters).
Warranty 6 months.
Price: 2.880,00 euros excl.VAT.
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Nagel CITOBORMA 490 Automatic Drilling Machine

Used drillingmachine CITOBORMA 490B
Equipped with 4 BK-45 heads.
The Citoborma 490 is a production machine designed for fixed use.
It features a torsion free machine base, manufactured from heavy metal profiles, which guarantees the highest precision for drilling. Massive steel profiles ground to the highest precision guide the drill heads and table free of play.
The model 490 takes up to six drill heads.
This allows to finish most applications with only one stroke.
The Citoborma 490 is a robust drill to handle all of the daily in and out applications cost effectively.
Its standard features make it an astonishingly flexible machine.
Paper width max. 460mm and 270mm throat depth for oversized paper formats
Drill bit length adjustment within seconds.
Drill diameters from 2 - 35mm.
Pile height max. 60mm.
Fixing of the heads position with a single screw. Quick drill bit replacement.
Solid standard heads made from cast iron.
Machine in excellent condition.
Dimensions: L 710mm x W 770mm x H 1390mm.
Electrical Requirements: 3 phase + earth + neutral - 16amp 3 phase socket (IP44.)
Product Weight: 265 kg.
Warranty 6 months.
Price: 4.800,00 euros excl.VAT.
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Royal Sovereign RSC-1400 LS Cold laminator

Showroom cold laminator Royal Sovereign RSC-1400LS.
Machine in strictly new condition.
Wide Format Cold Roll Laminators allows you to easily handle the largest prints, banners, posters and signs.
They are designed for use with pressure sensitive laminating films, mounting adhesives and backing films.
55"laminating width for wide format laminating.
Document guides for straight feeding of material.
Laser safety systems and emergency stops.
High quality silicone rubber rollers.
Maximum laminating width 65 inches.
Mounting up to 1 inch thick.
Easy load film supply shafts.
Remote control and foot pedal for hands-free operation.
Compact design.
Warranty 1 year.
Price : 2.895,00 euro evat.
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Riso RZ-200ep Duplicator A4

Duplicator A4 Riso RZ-200ep, excellent opportunity.
Equipment maintained regularly by Riso Authorized Technical Service.
Number of copies on the counter: 1.501.000 (the Riso is planned for more than 6.000.000 copies).
Printing formats: from 100x148mm up to 210x290mm.
Scanner: 300x600dpi.
Print resolution: 300dpi.
Speed: 130 pages / minute.
Paper weight: 46-160gr./m.
Touch screen very easy to use.
Included stand (support) mobile.
Included starter kit including 1 black ink cartridge and 1 new master roll.
Comes with instructions for use in English.
Warranty 6 months.
Price: 985,00 euros excl. VAT.
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GBC C-800 Pro Electric bindingmachine

The CombBind C800PRO is a professional, heavy duty binding machine with an electric punch.
It has the binding capacity of 450 sheets and the punch capacity of 20 sheets.
The C800PRO is fit with useful features such as the easy-access, high volume chipping tray which makes collecting chips from the punching process quick and simple.
The C800PRO has selector pins which allows you to adjust for any paper size and adjust margin depth.
The optional foot pedal attachment for hands free use ensures little effort whilst punching.
21 Selector pins to accomodate any size paper.
Adjustable margin depth.
Robust aluminum construction.
Foot Pedal included for optional hands free punching.
Easy to access high volume clippings tray.
Electric Punch Capacity: 20 Sheets (80gsm).
Binds up to 450 sheets (80gsm) - Using a 51mm comb.
Warranty 3 months.
Price : 495,00 euros evat.
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Fastbind CaseMatic H32 Pro CaseMaker

Fastbind Casematic H32 Pro, show-room machine.
With the advanced Fastbind Casematic H32 Pro, produce professional tailor-made cases in the format of your choice, up to 330 x 330mm in a matter of minutes.
Design the personalised cover, print it on your digital printer (laser or inkjet).
The easy steps on your Casematic H32 produce hardcovers to use with the range of Fastbind binding options and for making personalised ring binders from CD size to 12 x 12 and A4 landscape.
The H32Pro features the edge folding device for simpler hardcover making.
Fully featured and compact, this table top unit can be used for producing hardcovers for all your on-demand requirements.
Max finished case size 330 x 330mm.
Corner cutter in option.
Warranty 1 year.
Price : 1.950,00 euros evat.
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Riso HS5000 High Speed Scanner + ADF

This high-speed scanner offers superior performance with high-resolution 600-dpi, high-speed 50-ppm, and high-volume 100-sheet capacity for quick and convenient color copying and scanning!
Documents can quickly and easily be copied, scanned or stored in PDF, TIFF, and JPEG formats.
Warranty 6 months.
Price : 695,00 euros evat.
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MDM MEDIUM 170 Drawing Tabel

Drafting machines MDM MEDIUM 170 with aluminium profile, locking system for horizontal and vertical movement. Show-room machine.
Drafting head with double joint and 360 protractor, automatic rotation 15, free rotation with locking for intermediate angles.
Rulers included.
Warranty 2 years.
Price : 1.335,00 euros evat.
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