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Cyklos GPM 450SA Semi-automatic creasing & perforating machine

GPM 450SA semi-automatic creaser or micro-perforator, showroom equipment in strictly new condition.
Programming up to 5 creases in a single pass.
Working width: 450mm.
Maximum document length: 999mm.
Very fast tool change.
3 creasing tools available (1mm - 1.4mm - 1.6mm) and a micro-perforation tool.
Maximum document thickness: creasing for paper and cardboard from 80gr./m to 400gr./m. and perforation from 80gr./m to 250gr./m.
Speed: 1500 A4 sheets/hour (1 crease).
Distances between two creases: min.2mm - max.1000mm.
Machine dimensions: W=1200mm x D=640mm x H=300mm.
Weight: 52.5kg.
Electrical connection: 230V- 50Hz.
1 year warranty.
Price: 1.980,00 euros excluding VAT.
Possibility in option of a robust mobile metal stand MB70 at the price of 228,00 euros excluding VAT.
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Plockmatic BM3050 Bookletmaker with trilaterale trimmer

PLOCKMATIC/MORGANA BM3050 bookletmaker equipped with FTR-500 frontal and CST-500 trilateral cutting modules.
The BM3050 stapler-folder has a folding capacity of 50 sheets 80gr./m (200 pages) with a speed of 3,000 booklets/hour.
The BM3050 accepts satin coated papers (coated paper).
Minimum paper size: 206x275mm.
Maximum paper size: 330x457mm.
paper weight min.: 64gr./m (105gr./mcoated paper).
Max paper weight: 300gr./m.
New machine from our showroom with 1 year warranty.
Exceptional price: 23.950,00 euros excl.VAT.
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D&K JUPITER 5474 Automatic Laminating Machine

D&K Jupiter 5474 automatic laminator.
Used equipment in good condition and reconditioned by authorized Technical Service.
Its very robust construction allows this machine to operate for hours with maximum efficiency.
The multiple settings are made on a very complete control panel.
Each operation is finely adjustable to meet various parameters of format, speed, film, grammage.
The large capacity professional suction feeder ensures a regular paper feed feed that guarantees a speed of up to 25 meters per minute.
The D&K JUPITER 5474 laminator is fitted as standard with a top stack feeder with a capacity of 80cm and paper reception on a vibrating table.
As an option, this laminator can be equipped with a paper reception on a pallet with automatic sheet tracking.
Pneumatic roller pressure.
Pneumatic automatic cutter.
PLC control panel.
Maximum paper weight: 450gr./m.
Minimum paper weight: 115gr./m.
Maximum paper size: 540cm x 740cm.
Minimum paper size: 205cm x 220cm.
Thickness of OPP films: from 24 to 42.
Adjustable speed up to 25 meters/minute.
Requires a compressor (optional) or connection to a compressed air network.
Electrical connection 380 volts - 32 Amps.
Dimensions: L=1950mm x W= 1200mm x H=1400mm.
Weight: 850kg.
3 month warranty.
Price: 14.850,00 euros excluding VAT.
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Cyklos CFM 600 Folding machine

Folding machine Cyklos CFM 600, used equipment completely overhauled.
Robust folding machine in metal body allowing several types of fold: in two, in U, in Z etc...
Feeder capacity: 300 sheets 80gr./m.
Paper sizes: from A5 to A3.
Paper weight: 80 to 160gr./m (fold in two).
Adjustable speed up to 7,200 sheets / hour.
Weight 23kg.
3 month warranty.
Price: 595.00 euros excluding VAT.
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Stago PR-3 Jogger A3

STAGO VT-3 jogger on stand, second-hand machine in strictly impeccable condition.
Machine having been used very little.
Before stapling, folding or binding, the PR-3 jogger will be happy to jog and fan your documents.
Electric jogger.
Adjustable vibration intensity.
Rotatable tray from 0 to 90.
Tray dimensions : 375mm x 375mm.
Capacity : 700 sheets 80gsm.
Dimensions : D=580mm x W=530mm x H=260mm.
Weight : 32,3kg with the foot adjustable in height from 700mm to 1000mm.
Complies with CE safety standards.
6 month warranty.
Price: 749.00 euros excluding VAT.
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Ideal 4705 Manual Guillotine

IDEAL 4705 manual guillotine on metal stand.
Used guillotine in strictly immaculate condition.
Sharpened blade and new counter blade.
Technical characteristics :
Cutting width : 475mm.
Cutting capacity : 70mm.
Minimum cut : 30mm.
Table depth : 455mm.
Paper pressure by flywheel.
Safety : front and rear protective cover.
Weight 81kg.
Complies with CE safety standards.
6 month warranty.
Price: 1.O90.00 euros excl. VAT
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POLAR MOHR 66 Hydraulic Guillotine

Superb opportunity for this Polar Mohr 66 Hydraulic Cutting machine in excellent condition and completely reconditioned.
Machine delivered with 2 used spare blades in good condition and sharpened.
Control touch screen.
Memorization of cutting programs.
Equipped with a press pedal.
Cutting opening : 67cm.
table depth : 67cm.
Cutting height : 8cm.
Minimum cut 55mm (15mm with cutting plate).
Cutting speed : 20 cuts/minute.
Adjustable pressure : 200daN to 1500daN.
Dimensions : Width 125cm x Depth 182.5cm x
Height 151.5cm.
Table height 90cm.
Weight : 620kg.
Three-phase connection voltage 3x220 volts or 3x380 volts. Power 2.4kw.
3 month warranty.
Price : 6.900,00 euros excluding VAT.
The guillotine is visible in our showroom for demos and trials.
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Printemat FoilCutter 680 Cutting machine for foil rol

FoilCutter 680 electric cutter, showroom model.
The FoilCutter is the essential tool for any professional.
Cut your rolls of gilding film yourself, no more waste!
Do not wait any longer on your supplier for custom rolls.
Immediate reaction time to satisfy your customers.
Cutting by resharpenable circular blade.
Precise and clean cut.
Guided blade positioning.
Roller held by a mechanism that locks the inside of the mandrel.
Maximum width of the roll to be cut : 640mm.
Maximum diameter of the roll to be cut : 150mm.
Chuck diameter : 25mm.
Machine dimensions : L=950mm x W=340mm x H=530mm.
Weight 40kg.
Electrical connection: 220 Volts.
Power 370w.
1 year warranty.
Price: 895.00 euros excluding 21% VAT.
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Ideal 5560 Hydraulic guillotine

IDEAL 5560 Hydraulic Guillotine, showroom machine.
Guillotine with press and hydraulic cutter.
Immaterial barrier by photoelectric cells.
Touchpad: Extremely practical and easy to use: electronic control module of the electric backgauge with multilingual touchpad.
99 programs with up to 99 steps can be stored.
Also useful: pre-programmed DIN sizes and automatic memory for repetitive cuts.
Technical informations :
Cutting length : 550mm.
Maximum cutting capacity : 95mm.
Maximum cutting capacity with press platen : 92mm.
Minimum cut : 32mm.
Minimum cut with press platen : 60mm.
Table depth : 570mm.
Power supply : 230Volts / 50Hz.
Motor power (consumption) : 1.5kW.
Dimensions : H=1370mm x W=1070mm x D=1400mm.
Weight : 369kg.
1 year warranty.
Price : 9.595.00 euros excluding VAT.
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OKI C9650 Color envelope printer

OKI C9650 color printer equipped with an automatic envelope feeder and motorized lapped delivery.
Used equipment in good general condition.
Double-sided 4-colour digital LED printing technology.
Paper size up to SRA3.
Paper weight 64gr.- 230gr./m.
600x600dpi resolution.
Print speed Color 20ppm A3, monochrome 22ppm A3.
Interface 100BASE-TX/10BASE-T, USB 2.0.
TCP/IP, EtherTalk, IPX/SPX protocol.
Adobe PostScript 3 language, PCL 5c emulation, PCL 6 (XL) emulation, IBM ProPrinter emulation, Epson FX emulation, PDF v1.6 emulation.
Supported OS: Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 8 x64, Windows 7, Windows 7 x64, Windows Vista, Windows Vista x64, Windows XP.
1 GB memory.
Includes a brand new set of yellow, cyan, magenta and black color toners.
Price: 2.900.00 euros excluding VAT.
Equipment visible for demo in our showroom only by appointment.
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Morgana BM3050+VF602+CST500+FTR500 Modular Booklet Making Solution

MORGANA BM3050 booklet making line.
New showroom equipment at a reduced price!
The line is equipped with the following modules:
BM3050 bookletmaker with a capacity of 50 sheets, VF602 suction dual bin feeder with 2 trays with a capacity of 270mm and paper weight from 60 to 650gr./m, CST500 (crease ans side trim) and FTR500 (face trimmer).
Minimum paper size: 206x275mm.
Maximum paper size: 330x457mm.
paper weight min. : 64gr./m (105gr./m with
coated paper).
Max paper weight : 300gr./m.
New machine guaranteed for 1 year.
Exceptional price: Possibility of financing at 695.00 euros excl. VAT/month for 60 months.
Information and demos by appointment in our showroom.
Do not hesitate to contact our sales team for all the information !
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Ideal 7228A Electrical Guillotine 72cm

IDEAL 7228A electric guillotine.
Used equipment completely overhauled by approved technical service.
Electromechanical descent of the blade and the press.
Cutting width : 72cm.
Cutting capacity : 80mm.
Illuminated materialization of the cutting line.
Pedal press.
Memorization of 9 cutting programs at 9 positions.
Dimensions : W=120cm x D=145cm x H=130cm.
Electrical connection Three-phase 3x220 volts.
Comes with 1 spare blade sharpened and in good condition.
New counter blade.
3 month warranty.
Price: 3.900,00 euros excluding VAT.
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Royal Sovereign RSL2700 Laminating machine

Laminator Royal Sovereign RSL2700, expo model from our showroom.
The RSL2700 is a reliable and economical roll laminating machine capable of laminating up to 685mm wide with speeds of up to 140cm per minute.
Designed for simple operation with easy to use control it has a small foot print and easily fits into small working areas.
Lamination width up to 685mm (A2 format).
Paper weight up to 250gr./m.
Thickness of usable films from 38 to 75.
Speed: 140cm/minute.
Two adjustable temperature levels.
Hoof heating method.
Uses films with 57mm cores (25mm or 76mm optional).
Electrical connection 220-240 volts - 50Hz.
Electrical power: 1450w.
Machine dimensions: W=920mm x D=530mm x H=400mm.
1 year warranty.
Price: 749.00 euros excluding VAT.
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Morgana AutoCreaser 33 Automatic Creaser

MORGANA AUTOCREASER automatic creasing and micro-perforating machine, second-hand machine maintained and reconditioned by approved technical service.
The Morgana AutoCreaser Creasing Machine is a fully automatic, continuous suction feed machine.
The creasing process used by blade avoids any marking or cracking of the surface or fibers of documents from digital or offset printing systems.
The creasing kit is mechanically controlled over its entire length and can be adjusted to accommodate various paper weights.
Minimum paper size : 140mm x 210mm.
Maximum paper size : 320mm x 630mm.
Paper weight up to 300gr./m.
Storage of 9 programs each comprising a maximum of 9 creases.
Minimum distance between 2 creases: 3mm with an adjustment precision of 0.1mm.
Fitted with a 56-tooth micro-perforation tool.
3 month warranty.
Price: 2.900,00 euros excluding VAT.
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CP-Bourg BB2000 Bourg Binding System

CP Bourg BB2000 semi-automatic perfect binder machine with Hot Melt glue.
Fully reconditioned used equipment.
Binding sizes from 110mm to 450mm.
Binding height up to 60mm.
Cover weight from 80gr/m to 300gr./m.
Production speed: 250 books/hour.
In-built jogger.
Paper waste collection.
Adjustable temperature from 140 to 200c.
Book Counter.
Equipped with a fume extractor.
Warm up time to 140: 25 minutes.
Machine dimensions: L=172cmxW=73cmxH=114cm.
Weight: 245kg.
Electrical supply 230 volts-50Hz.
Power consumption: 2.7kw.
Noise level: 75db.
3 month warranty.
Price: 3.500,00 euros excluding VAT.
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SKYLAM 1650 Hot & Cold Laminating Machine

SKYLAM 1650 Hot & Cold Digital Roll Laminator.
Show-room machine.
Safety Guard - Rollers shall be stopped automatically if will be opened.
Special Core - 3 sizes(25, 58 and 76mm) in one unit.
Auto Power Off.
2 LCD Displays.
Emergency Stop.
Side Cutters.
Air Cooling Fans.
Foot Switch.
Maximum Laminating Width : 1630mm.
Maximum Film Thickness : 250 micron.
Heat-Up Time : 8 - 10 Minutes.
Laminating Temperature Range : 0 - 140C.
Max Speed : 3 Minutes Per Minute.
Warranty : 1 Year.
Price : 4.150,00 euros excl.vat.
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Printemat PB 2000 Glue Binding Machine

PB-2000 table thermo-binding machine ideal for small series.
Show-room machine.
Use with glue EVA or PlanaMelt.
Automatic carriage clamping.
Automatic Greeking.
Automatic casing of covers.
Technical characteristics :
Maximum binding length: 330mm.
Maximum binding thickness: 38mm.
Rate: around 120 bindings / hour.
Power supply - Power: 220V. - 1000W.
Dimensions (W x D x H): 650 x 550 x 270mm.
Weight: 53kg.
Mobile support available as an option.
1 year warranty.
Price : 1.780,00 euros excl.vat.
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Coala Cling Film Transparent S Printable adhesive film

Liquidation of 3 rolls of Coala Cling Transparent printable adhesive film that allows you to apply your visuals to different types of flat and polished surfaces, for advertisements or short-term communication campaigns.
This transparent, high gloss monomeric PVC film provides excellent results in solvent or eco-solvent inkjet and UV inkjet printing.
Coala Cling Transparent Film S comes with a thickness of 150.
It has a coated paper liner for easy installation.
Easy to put on and take off, it can also be repositioned several times. I
It is perfect for short-lived promotions or operations such as announcing new collections on window displays.
Reel width 1400mm x length 50 meters.
Lot of 3 rolls at the exceptional price of 285.00 euros excluding VAT.
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Riso HS5000 High Speed Scanner + ADF

This high-speed scanner offers superior performance with high-resolution 600-dpi, high-speed 50-ppm, and high-volume 100-sheet capacity for quick and convenient color copying and scanning!
Documents can quickly and easily be copied, scanned or stored in PDF, TIFF, and JPEG formats.
Warranty 6 months.
Price : 580,00 euros evat.
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