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Secabo LC30 Label Cutter

The LC30 is a roll-to-roll label cutter for fully automatic production of free-form labels and tags in short and medium quantities.
In addition to producing traditional labels with rectangular or triangular shapes, even the most complex contours can be produced by combining the LC30's contour cutting system with the included DrawCut LabelStudio Software.
Consequently the Secabo LC30 can fulfill all your needs in the field of product labeling, warning signs, identification plates, etc. DrawCut Label Studio will generate the corresponding print file which may then either be produced using an appropriate rotary printing system or by a printing company on a roll.
Once loaded, the LC30 will precisely plot all elements of according to the individual contours.
Thanks to the registration mark's special inline technology, the LC30 achieves a very high speed when compared to regular cutting plotters and thus offers a high throughput of produced labels.
The media's flow through the Label Cutter is regulated by a complex web tension control, so that the excess film is automatically removed upon the contour cut and wound separately.
The result is ideal: A roll of ready-cut labels available for use in further conversion and application processes.
The LC30 is the perfect label cutter for labels and tags of all shapes and sizes for small to medium quantities, making it an ideal flexible machine for use in large production sites, as well as small and medium-sized companies, such as the food and beverage industry.
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Secabo SC30 Vinyl Cutter

Secabo's SC30 sheet vinyl cutter automatically cuts out stickers and similar objects from sheets sized up to 330mm x 488mm with complete contour accuracy.
The SC30 automatically reliably draws individual sheets from a stack of up to 50 sheets (depending on the material).
Various printable self-adhesive materials such as paper and film can be used.
The cutting system's maximum contact pressure of up to 750g also allows for cutting laminated prints.
Thanks to the well-known crop mark recognition system LAPOS Q, a barcode with the corresponding cut job's identifier is read at the beginning of each sheet in addition to the crop marks and the associated data is automatically retrieved from DrawCut PRO.
Thus, sheets with different cut jobs can be mixed.
User intervention is not required.
The SECABO SC30 sheet vinyl cutter is the ideal machine for reliable and automatic production of contour-cut stickers and labels in the business areas of ​​copy shops, product labeling, office applications and many others.
Technical Data :
Interfaces USB.
Countour cutting function LAPOS Q, sequential cut marks
scope of delivery Sheet cutting plotter, multilingual cutting software DrawCut PRO (Windows), drag knife, ball-bearing knife holder, plotting pen.
Power supply 175W, 230V, 50Hz.
Max. thickness 0,5mm.
Motor servo drives.
Downforce 50g - 750gr/mē.
Control backlit graphic touch LCD graphic display.
Weight : 36kg.
Max. cutting speed 960mm/s.
Dimensions (W x D x H) 65cm x 51cm x 37cm.
Max. sheet size 330mm x 488mm.
Max. cutting surface 320mm x 478mm.
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Secabo VULCAN SC-350 Automatic Feeding Sheet Cutting machine

The Vulcan SC-350 Sheet cutting machine is ideal for light to medium production and design samples.
Ideally suited for labels, hobbies, The advertising industry.
Configuration : Automatic feeding sheet cutter.
Media size : A4,A3,SRA3,A3+.
Width :185 to 350mm.
Length : 150 to 500mm.
Maximum cutting speed : 1200mm/s (10 to 1200 mm/s).
Max force : 400g.
Minimum character size : Approx. 5mm square.
Sheet weight : 350gr./mē.
Feeding time : 2 seconds
Machincial Resolution : 0.01254mm.
Standard interfaces : USB2.0 (Full Speed) / U-Flash / Ethernet
Command sets : HP-GL.
Operating screen : 4.3-inch touch LCD
Power supply : 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz.
Power consumption : 60W.
Operating environment Temperature : 10 to 35 degree, Humidity: 35 to 75% RH (non-condensing).
External Dimensions Exit tray : W=406 x D=462 x H=186mm.
Exit tray+Cutter+Media support tray : W=1109mm x D=747mm x H=594mm.
Weight : 33kg.
Warranty 1 year.
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