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Secabo TM1 Mug Heat Transfer Press

The TM1 mug press by Secabo is ideal for comfortably performing sublimation transfers on ceramic mugs and other similar objects.
The Secabo TM1 heat press is suitable for novice and professional users, and equipped with a digital controller that allows for fast and safe operation.
Pressure can easily be adjusted via a hand wheel.
Optionally, there are 3 different heating elements available, including conical variants.
The scope of delivery includes the mug press Secabo TM1 and a heating sleeve for cups with a diameter of 80-90mm.
The heating sleeve is designed to allow for approx. 700 transfers and can be reordered at any time, depending on the wear and tear.
We recommend only turning the mug press on when it will actually be used and to avoid continuous heating.
Technical Data :
Dimensions 32cm x 21cm x 30cm.
Scope of delivery mug press, power cord, english manual
Max. mug Height : 12cm.
Max. cup diameter 7,5cm to 9,0cm.
Max temperature : 225°C.
Maximum time preset : 999s.
Power supply 230V / 50Hz - 60Hz, 300W.
Weight : 5kg.
Warranty 2 years.
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Secabo TM2 Cup Press

The TM2 cup press by Secabo has an extra wide heating element, so that you can print 2 cups at the same time - or a pitcher or a large cup with a height of up to 21cm.
Whether beginner or professional - with the TM2, sublimation transfers on ceramic cups and similar objects are particularly efficient.
The digital controller controls temperature and time precisely and safely.
The contact pressure can be easily adjusted via a handwheel. The device is supplied with a cup for cups with a capacity of 325 ml. Optionally, there are 6 more heating elements available in different sizes, including conical cups.
Our recommendation: Switch on the transfer press only for actual use, as this will save you the heating element and save energy.
Technical Data :
Dimensions : L=60.5cm x l=42.8cm x H=29.7cm
Max. mug height :21cm
Max. cup diameter : 7,5cm to 9,0cm.
Options Heating element for espresso cups, 4,5cm - 5,5cm;
Heating element for large conical cups 5,5 / 8,0cm - 6,5 / 9cm; Heating element for cups 60mm - 75mm;
Heating element for conical cups 5,5 / 9,0cm - 6,5 / 10,5cm.
Net weight : 10kg.
Scope of delivery : Cup press, heating element for 2 cups, 7.5 - 9.0cm, power cable, manual instruction.
Max. temperature : 225°C.
Maximum time preset : 999s.
Power supply : 230V / 50Hz - 60Hz, 300W.
Waarborg 1 jaar.
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Secabo TM5 Press for 5 mugs

With the TM5 cup press from Secabo orders can be processed faster. It can carry transfers up to 5 cups at a time, making possible the 5 separately controllable heating elements.
Thus, the TM5 is ideal for efficient sublimation transfers on ceramic cups and similar objects, especially for larger runs or higher throughput.
The digital controllers control temperature and time of the heating elements exactly and safely.
The contact pressure can be easily adjusted via a handwheel.
The device is supplied with 5 cups for cups with content 325ml, as an extra free is an additional reserve cuff.
Optionally, another heating element for small cups is available.
Our recommendation: Only switch on the individual heating elements for actual use, as this will save you the heating elements and save energy.
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Secabo TCC Smart Modular Cap Heat Transfer Press

The TCC SMART bluetooth clam cap heat press by Secabo is a modular automatically opening knee lever press.
There's no need for the operator to wait next to the press during transfers, consequently allowing him to pursue other activities.
The press automatically opens after the configured time.
An acoustic signal will notify the operator three seconds ahead of time.
The pressing process can be stopped by the press of a button at any time.
This feature may for example be used for the purpose of pre-pressing cap.
For your convenience, the temperature and press duration can be pre-configured by use of a digital controller or through the Smart Transfer App.
A counter keeps track of completed pressing processes and can be reset to zero, if desired.
The contact pressure can be set using a large hand wheel on the upper side of the heat plate.
Product Spécifications :
Heat Press: Secabo TCC Smart Modular with Bluetooth.
Type: Clam Cap Heat Press.
Working Area: 15cm x 8cm.
Folding Angle: 0° - 35°.
Max. Temperature: 220°C.
Max. Time Setting: 999s.
Max. Pressure: 250gr./cm².
Power Supply: 230V / 50Hz - 60Hz, 1,80kW
Weight: 15kg.
Dimensions Closed (W x H x D): 24cm x 59cm x 53cm.
Dimensions Open (W x H x D): 24cm x 71cm x 53cm.
Warranty 2 year.
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Secabo TCB Smart Ball press

Play in the premier league with the new ball press from Secabo - innovative ways and thus an even better performance when refining balls are opened by Secabo with the new ball press TCB SMART.
With single or multi-colored transfers, personalized mementos and prices for events or give-away can be created.
All balls can be pressed at the same temperature of 113°C for 8 seconds.
The low temperature is important in order not to damage sensitive plastics or artificial leather.
We recommend a transfer size of up to 5cm x 8cm so that the film lies smoothly on the curved surface of the ball.
The contact pressure of the new TCB SMART transfer press for balls from Secabo is set on the underside by pressing the cylinder down and adjusting it with the two screws left and right.
The specially shaped heating plate fits almost all ball sizes and shapes. The adjustable cylinder ensures that the pressure can be adjusted as precisely as possible to the size of the ball.
The automatically opening ball press has a large opening angle and a button for manual opening before the set time has elapsed.
It is suitable for professional use of all common heat transfer processes such as flock films, flex films, sublimation, transfer, inkjet flex, etc.
The ball press has a digital temperature and time display. Additional functions such as the calculation of heating times and warning functions make this in combination with the Secabo app a valuable aid for all common heat transfer processes.
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