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Lamidesk Compact CL 2019 Flatbed Application Table

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Lamidesk Compact Dual 250/150 Flatbed Application Tables

LamiDesk is built using high quality parts sourced internationally.
By only using the best, it ensures these machines can be used 24/7. Particular attention has been given to the following components:
High precision durable rubber roller.
Reliable pneumatic.
Precision linear rails.
Highly reliable electronic control unit.
The core of the LamiDesk is a very robust steel frame, which means that it does not distort if positioned on an uneven floor.
The working table is surfaced with 10mm ESG tube, security glass supported by extensive cross members, making a very solid surface which can easily support the weight of an operator.
The motor is controlled either from the panel, or alternatively
from a foot switch, with the installed clutch making the machine fully CE compliant.
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Lamidesk Easy Flatbed Application Tables

LamiDesk Easy 3016 & 4016 is a new industrial flatbed roll laminating machine made to deliver robust, long lasting reliability, low maintenance and high quality flatbed lamination to handle growing volumes.
This wide format laminator is 3 metres of 4 metres in length by 1.6 metres in width, allowing print providers to configure the machine to suit their specific requirements.
For high performance laminating the machine includes:
Single person operation for improved productivity.
Choice of automatic or manual operation at the touch of a button.
Flatbed design for easy use and fast turnaround.
LED illumination and a clear cutting matt.
Electronically driven rollers to transit the bed.
Machine finish to your specific colour requirement.

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Lamidesk Easy Shift Flatbed Application Tables

The Lamidesk EasyShift features a motorised gantry.
Using traditional tables, the operator works from an area in the middle of the table.
Backing paper is generally cut off while trying to reach across the bed.
Often a stick is required to reach.
With the Lamidesk EasyShift everything is designed to happen at the end of the table.
This makes the work area easy to access and eliminates the need to stretch right across the bed.
Using foot pedals and easy-access buttons, the operator can activate the motorised gantry without moving from that position and complete the job quickly and efficiently.
Available sizes : 300cm x 160cm / 400cm x 160cm / 500 x 160cm.
300cm x 210cm / 400cm x 210cm / 500 x 160cm.
Inclusive : rollholder top and side (with one bar), double foot switch, changeable height 85-100mm, 5x Up/down button.
Options : Illumination LED, Heated Roller, Integrated Compressor Supersilent 40db, Cutting mats.
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