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Cyklos CS 325 Smart Business Cards Slitter

This cards slitter is a robust and simple to operate machine with a double feed system and the benefit of interchangeable cutting tools for versatility of job size.
Both longitudinal and latitudinal cuts can be made without changing the tools or adjusting the distances between the knives.
If necessary, cassette system allows to exchange the tools within seconds.
Cassette system for fast and easy exchange of cutting Tools.
Three types of cutting tools plus possibility of atypical dimensions cut.
Also processing of bended paper allowed due to fixation of navigation bars.
Pre-set of navigation bars for A4 paper size formats.
Side wheels for fine adjustment of navigation bars.
Sensor for automatic start of cutting operation.
Tilt regulation of waste table.
Simple manual control.
Exchangeable cutting tools :
TOOL A : 90 x 50mm, 10 cards/A4.
TOOL C : 90 x 50mm, 4 mm bleed, 10 cards/A4.
The cutting format of the cassette is to be specified when ordering the machine.
Note: Any card size between 85-95 mm and 50-55 mm possible on demand.
GRAMMAGE : 80 - 400gr./m˛.
DIMENSIONS : 620 x 490 x 300mm.
WEIGHT : 21kg.

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Hefter Digicard CC-150 Automatic Card Cutter A4

Business- and digital card cutter CC-150.
Paper size: DIN SRA4 (oversizede forms will be fed reliably).
Speed: up to 10 sheets respectively 100 business cards/min.
Paper thickness: up to 350gr./m˛.
Document feeder: friction.
Registers from registration mark or lead edge of the sheet.
8 pre-set programs and 2 programmable job memories.
Optional scoring and perforating cassettes.
Warranty 1 year.
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Printemat Card Cutter CC-330 Automatic Card Cutter

The VICUT Card Cutter CC-330 is designed for automatic cutting many types of paper cards with fast speed, it is controlled by a micro-computer offering convenient cutting through preset layouts for consistency and ease of use.
The interchangeable cutting cassette offers more optional functions such as creasing and perforating, and the cutting size also can be customized.
Works along with any digital printer, or even digital photocopier, the Card Cutting machine CC-330 can produce professionally-cut business cards, postal cards, photos, tickets and so on.
Warmly welcomed by the printing shops, DIY photo shops and design companies, thanks to its affordable cost, flexible functions and fast speed.
Technical Parameters :
Paper Size SRA3 : 297mm x 480mm.
Cutting size : Longitudinal : 89/85/90/95mm or customized - Horizontal : 45/50/54mm or 1-600mm, fully adjustable.
Cutting Method : longitudinal : cut by self sharpening slitting cassette - Horizontal : cutting with a lateral cutter.
Cutting speed : up to 150 business cards per minutes.
Cutting position control : Front edge detection/cut registration mark.
Paper feeding method : Dual roller auto-feeding paper tray.
Feeding Tray Capacity : 50 sheets 300gr./m˛.
Paper thickness : 180gr./m˛ to 400gr./m˛.
Output tray card capacity : 220x3 pcs.
Cutting tolerance : 0.2mm.
Power Supply : 220volts-50Hz, 0.5A.
Weight : 31kg.
Machine dimension : W=760xD=550xH=310mm.
Optional function : Cutting+creasing & Cutting+perforating.
Warranty 1 year.
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Printemat ZIP 21A Automatic Card Cutter SRA3

As a versatile card cutter, the Zip-21A shows the superior processing speed and accuracy than other digital finishing machines in similar specifications.
The Zip-21A surpasses other digital finishing machines in the storage space, 999 job memories, which is useful for the users to reestablish their jobs.
The steady air feed system and double sheet detector thereby reduce the problems which may occur with the digital stocks.
And both registration of mark and registration of sheet edge are employed for accurate trimming.
The Zip-21A cross cuts the sheet with a guillotine cutter and then uses an adjustable blade cassette to slit and / or score the sheet immediately.
This combination of the two cutting systems allows common digital print products (like 21 or 24 up business cards) to be accurately processed in a single pass.
All the information could be easily input at the touch screen, which allows a scissor cut or a variable size gutter to be removed between individual cards if required.
A fixed 6mm strip is removed by the slitting wheels.
The card width is quickly and easily adjusted by moving the slitting wheels mechanically or extra cassettes can be purchased to set up regular jobs.
If you are seeking a fast, accurate, and high-quality digital print finishing machine, the Zip-21A Card Cutter will be your good choice.
Touch Screen and Friendly Operation.
Up to 350 gsm.
Double Sheet Detection.
Deep Pile and Air Feeder.
Registers from Mark or Lead Edge of Sheet.
999 Job Memories.
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Morgana AutoCut Pro Automatic cutting and creasing machine

Today’s digital presses are more powerful than ever and the need for finishing technology that turns this power into great applications is essential.
The Autocut Pro delivers the benefits of three functions in one – highly accurate cutting and slitting and high speed creasing in an easy to use system.
If you are looking to make the printed page stand out in new ways and if you’re using a wider range of media and working with new, larger formats then the AutoCut Pro combined with Morgana’s AutoFold Pro module easily turns long sheets into applications such as beautifully finished six panel brochures.
Technical Specifications :
Basic function Slit, Cross Cut, Crease, High Speed Crease only mode
Paper size (max) 330mm x 700mm.
Paper size (min) 210mm x 210mm.
Minimum finished work size : 85mm x 50mm.
Paper weight : 120gsm- 350gsm.
Operation 4” touch screen.
Job memories Preset job / customized job.
Feeding mechanism Upper belt tri-suction feed system.
Skew adjustment Standard
Side Aligner Standard.
Double feed detection Standard.
Cut mark registration Standard.
Warranty 1 year.
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Uchida AeroCut X Automatic Slitter Creaser Cutter Machine

Save valuable time, money and resources in your print production workflow with the UCHIDA AeroCut X Cutter & Creaser.
An all in one slitter, cutter and creaser for finishing digitally printed applications such as business cards, postcards, flyers, greeting cards, tickets and coupons in varying sizes and paper thicknesses.
Featuring enhanced productivity and user friendliness, it is the new generation model of the original AeroCut that's robust, built to last, designed and calibrated with Japanese engineering.
Creasing Unit with five level creasing pressure adjustments.
Slitting and Cutting Units with self sharpening blades featuring two single blades to trim top/bottom margins of sheets and two double blades for bleed center gutters.
Feeding Unit that operates by tri-suction air with patented feeding mechanism to reduce misfeeds such as double feeds and prevent paper jams from occurring.
Sheet skew adjustment and alignment.
Cut mark registration.
Feed Tray stacking capacity up to 100mm.
Flex mode operation allowing multiple cuts of a particular size from a single sheet along with preferred number of creases.
Detachable rollers to allow easy cleaning and removal of paper jams.
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Uchida AeroCut X Pro Automatic cutting en creasing machine

business card cutter The top model UCHIDA AeroCut X Pro automatic card is versatile, efficient, fast and flexible.
The automatic business card cutter, postcard, crease, perforation in one machine can cut postcards, greeting cards, gift cards and other cards.
Works with copiers, printers.
Digital, offset printing machine as well.
The device is not very large.
Save space It is also easy to use.
Just the first time you can use it.
There is no need for employees to control the machine to work. The machine will automatically cut it.
The machine can cut business cards with precision, accuracy and speed, made in Japan.
op Suction Feeder.
Slitting, Cutting, Creasing, Perforating.
Cross Perforating and Jump Perforating included.
Substrate size from 210 x 210mm up to 370 x 750mm.
Up to 1600mm with optional extension.
Substrate weight from 120 to 400GSM.
Up to 4080 centre creases per hour or up to 189 business cards per minute (21 up).
Job Set Up additional Software and Ethernet connection included.
Barcode Reader included.
Cros and Jump Perforation included.
Belt Conveyor included.
Waste delivery conveyor optional.
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Neolt XY Matic Trim Plus 165 Automatic Cutting Machine

LCD Touch Screen display with intuitive and easy-to-use software.
Double sensor to read cross-marks.
Adjustable speed X & Y axis.
Excellent cutting area visibility.
Pneumatic Pinch Roll with silent compressor inside the machine.
Automatic waste collecting system.
Plug & Play.
Up to 10 pneumatic vertical cutting units.
Double load reel.
Tower Light.
New alignment system of vertical cutting units.
Open cutting units (no paper jam).
Monolithic machine structure.
Standard loading jumbo Roll 300mt.
Up to 20 customizable memories.
Paper (laminated or encapsulated).
Canvas & Polyester (with liner).
Reflective material.
PVC banner.
Vinyl & Vinyl sticker.
Display back lit & front lit.
Magnetic rubber.
Polycarbonate in film.
Optional Extras :
Single cutting unit (max 10).
Central twin cutting unit.
Laser ray for vertical cut.
Table for copies collection.
Dimensions : L=2520mm x D=800mm x H=1000mm.
Weight : 290kg.
Warranty parts only.
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