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KeenCut EVOLUTION E2 Cutting Machine

The new Keencut Evolution-E2 integrated wide format cutting system was designed to revolutionise the speed, accuracy and convenience of the finishing process.
Intended to fit on any bench or the purpose built Keencut EVO 2 Bench the all new Evolution-E2 shares the same outstanding 1:15000 straightness accuracy guarantee of the first generation Evolution and the world renowned Javelin Xtra cutter bar.
The unique four piece cutter slideway and torsion bar extrusion combines with the full length base plate to create a cutting machine that will meet the challenges of the most demanding operator and safely process valuable artwork.
The integral lift and hold mechanism of the new Evolution-E2, operates from either end enabling a single operator to load and align even the longest print jobs quickly and accurately.
The unique parking mechanism allows the cutter to be rotated to a safe position below the bench when it is not needed leaving the working surface free of obstructions for performing inspection and other procedures.
The replaceable integrated cutting track and textile cutting wheel attachment (included) enable flag and other delicate materials to be cut cleanly and with great precision when a knife blade is not suitable.
When heat cutting and sealing is required the Keencut HotCut sliding head can be quickly attached with the appropriate electric Hot Knife and subsequently detached in seconds.
The Evolution E2 has been constantly refined since its inception and is the most versatile, accurate and simple to use wide format cutting system ever.
Available in five practical sizes, from 1.6 to 3.6 metres, the Evolution-E2 has been created to handle the output of every size and type of roll feed or flatbed printer with the capability to cut materials as diverse as flag, banner, PVC Foamboard, foamcore and much more.
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FLEXA ExTrim Electric Trimmer

Reliable and fast electric trimmer with a self-sharpening circular rotating blade for flexible materials.
Designed to improve your productivity every day with great precision and speed.
It cuts materials up to 1,8mm (0,07 in.) in thickness and its cutting speed is adjustable up to 100 m/min. (328 ft/min.).
Electrical trimming machine designed to improve your productivity every day with great precision and speed.
It cuts material up to 1,8mm (0,07 in.) in thickness.
Adjustable cutting speed up to 100 m/min. (328 ft/min.)
Innovative “Accu View” cutting system that allows choosing between two working modes: the first one ensures maximum speed, the second one guarantees absolute accuracy.
Unique trimmer on the market thanks to its cutting unit mounted on a linear recirculating ball bearing system for long lasting operations
useful LED illuminating system to make the cutting easier.
Solid construction to satisfy high performance over time.
Frame on wheels, easy to be moved around and space saving.
Polyester film.
PVC banner (up to 900 gr/m2 - 27 oz./ya2).
Digital printing supports.
Laminated prints.
Polycarbonate film.
Polypropylene PP-film (up to 1,2 mm - 0,04 in.).
Reflective film.
Canvas & TNT.
Magnetic rubber.
Many more.

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Neolt NEOWELD 1300 Banner Welding machine

NeoWeld is the series of pulse welding machines designed to meet the production needs of sign-makers and professionals in the digital printing, indoor/outdoor advertising and POS communication.
The welding pulse technology choosed for NeoWeld stands as a substantial alternative to the high-frequency, ultrasonic and hot air technologies, offering a number of indisputable advantages from the technical, operational, economical and dimensional point of view.

Thanks to Neoweld is possible to weld seamlessly in a very short time, with very low operating and maintenance costs, reduced energy consumption and ease of use even for inexperienced operators. The interposition of a PVC tape between the edges to be welded broadens the application to polyester fabrics for soft-signage applications.

The NeoWeld series is equipped with a welding element coated with a coated Teflon element 1300 mm long (model 130) or 2600 mm (model 260) featuring a range of temperatures from 70 to 250 °C and a working pressure of 220 Kg/cm.

The operating cycle, both for the welding and cooling, is adjustable by the operator up to 5 minutes. The rugged NeoWeld body is fully welded and epoxy powder painted. Thanks to the control panel you can set, save and recall up to 20 welding programs, significantly reducing setup times and job change.

Options and Accessories :

Among the options available are the side extensions to broaden the backing area (1 meter on each side), dual laser tracker, the FAP kit for the automatic creation of the pocket and the Silent Air Compressor (9 liters, 8 bar / 116psi).
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Neolt NEOWELD 2600 Banner Welding Machine

Impulse welding is a new alternative to high frequency, hot-air or ultrasonic welding technology, for welding hem pockets, joining fabrics or making batten welds.

With this technology there are no dangerous irradiations, no electromagnetic troubles on the main supply, but you have the same result at less energy consumption and lower cost than with high frequency!! The average hem pocket folding.

The screen fabric is put under the welding bars, the upper welding bar comes down and the welding and cooling down process starts. After starting the system, the cycle passes automatically. The machine has 2 lateral extension tables en options (1 meter on both sides, optionals).
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