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Hang PICCOLO 102-00 Manual Eyeletting Machine

Sturdy, smooth-running eyeletting machine for manual operation,
for a material thickness of up to 3mm (30 sheets).
Suitable for paper, carton, plastic or similar materials.
ideal for contracts, certificates and labels.
Diameter eyelet : 4mm (for eyelet n°24 & n°25).
With automatic eyelet infeed.
Punches holes and inserts eyelets in a single working step (the eyelet punches the hole).
Available for the eyelets no. 8E & no. 8E/4long (5,5 mm inner diameter.)
Including wooden supporting plate.
Throat depth: 80mm.
Dimensions : W=400mm x D=335mm x H=380mm.
Weight : 10kg.

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Hang PICCOLO 102-20 Eyeletting machine

Eyeletter for treadle operation, with supporting plate and gauges, with stand.
For eyelets n°24 &25.
For eyelets n°8E & 8E/4 long.
Working depth : 80mm.
Dimensions : W=500mm x D=500mm x H=1200mm.
Weight : 25kg.
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Hang PICCOLO 102-15 Twin headed eyeleting machine

Manual twin-head eyeletting machine, fixed centers of 8cm, with gauges, complete with wooden plate.
For paper, carton, plastics or similar materials with a thickness of up to 2mm.
Ideal for contracts and insurance policies.
With automatic eyelet infeed.
Punches holes and inserts eyelets in a single working step.
For eyelets n°24 & 25.
For eyelets n°26.
For eyelets n°8E, 8E/4 & 8E/5.
For eyelets n°271 & n°272.
For eyelets n°9E.
W=550mm x D=340mm x H=360mm.
Weight : 20kg.

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Hang PICCOLO 101-80 Eyeletting machine

Manual twin-head eyeletting machine, including 2 automatic and easily exchangeable eyelet containers and feeding channels.
To be able to use a different eyelet size, the eyelet containers, feeding channels and tools must be exchanged.
Eyeleting distance adjustable from 80mm up to 180mm.
For paper, carton, plastics, labels and paper gift bags.
With self-piercing eyelets up to 15 sheets 80gsm paper (2mm).
Pre-punched material: up to 80 sheets (for Eyelet 9E).
Available for eyelet sizes between 2,0mm and 11,3mm inner diameter.
Including supporting plate, side and back gauges.
Throat depth: 180mm.
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Hang PICCOSTAR 102-50 Electrical eyeletting machine

Electric single-head eyeletting machine.
Supporting table and adjustable rear and aide gauges guarantee exact positioning.
Set as standard for No: 24/25 self punching steel eyelets, either Brass or Zinc coated.
Dies can be made for other sizes & types of eyelet.
Steel eyelets ensure perfect finish front & back.
Release by button and footswitch (option).
High Quality German manufacture, CE marked.
Automatic eyelet infeed from hopper with 1500 eyelet capacity.
For eyelets n°24 and 25.
For eyelets n°26.
For eyelets n°8E, 8E/4, 8E/5.
For eyelets n°271 & 272.
For eyelets n°9E.
Dimensions : W=400mm x D=555mm x H=370mm.
Weight : 40kg.
Tension : 230 volts - 50hz.

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Hang PICCOSTAR 102-60 Electric twin head eyeletting machine

Electric twin head eyeletting machine.
With electric drive with automatic eyelet infeed via two eyelet containers.
Punches and sets two eyelets in a fixed distance of 80mm in one working step (the eyelet punches the hole).
Self punching max. 30 sheets.
Available for one eyelet size in the range of 3 – 7,5mm (inner diameter).
Back and side gauges allow perfect positioning of documents.
Release by button (optional by electric foot switch).
Dimensions : W=580mm x D=555mm x H=390mm.
Weight : 50kg.
Tension : 230 volts - 50hz.
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TEP-3 Grommet Machine

The TEP-3 Deep Throat Grommet Machine is the perfect hand operated grommet attaching machine for semi-professional usage.
Using hammers became ancient history when the TEP-3 was designed !
It is a must have in any shop.

TEP-3 Advantages:

•Small & Practical
•No Maintenance Necessary
•Interchangeable Dies up to #4
•Bench Mounted /Free Standing
•Suitable for Numerous Materials
•Heavy Duty Durability
•1 Year Warranty
•Parts and Service Available
•Deep Throat Size 4 1/2"
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M-3 Manual Grommet Press

The Micron M-3 is our favorite manual grommet press.
The versatility of this amazing grommet press is simply unmatched as far as manual grommet presses are concerned.
The Micron M-3 is specifically designed to attach curtain grommets size #12 and #15.
The M-3 does a great job of installing curtain grommets.
This is rare for a manual grommet press the size of the M-3.
If you are looking for a portable manual grommet press to attach curtain grommets, this is it.
This resourceful Grommet Press does a lot more than install curtain grommets. Because of its ability to accommodate interchangeable dies, the M-3 is one of the most versatile fastener attaching machines available today.
You can also use the Micron M-3 Grommet Press to install Self Piercing Grommets, Sheet Metal Grommets, Plastic Grommets and Rolled Rim Grommets of various sizes.
We’re not done yet; the M-3 will also install Eyelets, Spring Snaps, Ring Snaps, Jean Rivets and Jean Buttons.
We have many customers who use the Micron M-3 Grommet Press in their businesses.
The M-3 is perfect for alteration shops, apparel design shops, curtain shops, boat cover shops, tarp makers, awning makers, banner sign makers.
The small size and portability and affordable price of the M-3 also makes it ideal for hobbyists.
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PL-20 Semi-Automatic Pneumatic Eyelet Attaching Machine

The Micron PL-20 Semi-automatic Pneumatic Attaching Machine is high quality grommet press.
Manufactured at our European plant, this high quality portable Grommet Press has a one year manufacturer’s warranty against manufacturing defects and comes with a metal base and casters for easy portability.
You can use the Micron PL-20 Grommet Press to install eyelets in many materials including paper, textiles, canvas, banner materials and others.
Machines can be ordered to accommodate one size dies set between #1.7 (1/8’’) to (1/2’’)inside hole.
The Micron PL-20 Pneumatic Grommet Press is powered by a compressor. The PL-20 does not need an electrical outlet.
This reliable grommet press requires virtually no maintenance, simply connect the PL-20 to a compressor and start using it.
With our specially engineered dies, you can cut the material and then install the grommet without having to change from hole-cutting dies to grommet setting dies.
This feature alone makes your job easier, saves you time and saves you in labor costs.
If you are looking for a high quality Grommet Press that is easy to use and easy to maintain, the Micron PL-20 Grommet Press is perfect for you.
The PL-20 is a semi-automatic machine.
A hopper and chute system feed the eyelets to the top die of the machine.
This greatly increases productivity by allowing the operator to set grommets at a higher rate.
The bottom washer can also be placed on the bottom die to create a better hold.
Our safety system makes the installation extremely safe for the operator.
The safety feature checks for any material, articles or matter that may not be intended to be there by first firing a stainless steel piston that will stop extending if it comes into contact with something.
If the stainless steel extension stops for whatever reason, the main piston will not fire.
This safety feature is included on most of our larger machines.
This attaching machine can accommodate one size die for its lifetime. The metal base and the casters are included with the PL-20.
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MC-20 Pneumatic Attaching Machine

Mc-20 Consentient Pneumatic Attaching Machine Laser Pointer & Table.
Mc-20 Consentient Pneumatic can attach every kind of Grommets, Snaps especially: Self Piercing Grommets, Rolled Rim Grommets, Sheet Metal Grommets.
Mc-20 Consentient Pneumatic Attaching Machine Laser Pointer & Table Features.
Supported All sizes And All Kind Of Grommets-Eyelets-Metal Snaps-Metal Accesories.
Adjustable air pressure level, adjustable stroke.
Safety Security Panel System.
Interchangeable Dies.
Adjustable table or wheel.
Free laser pointer.
Can work with any small compressor.
Heavy Duty durability.
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M-500 Fully Automatic Fastening Attaching Machine

The Micron M-500 fully automatic, grommet and washer attaching machine.
This machine is built around a newly designed frame that requires less space and is much lighter than previous generations of machines. The M-500 fully automatic machine that feeds both the grommet and washer punches the hole in the material and attaches the grommet and washer, all in a single cycle.
This machine has been specifically engineered for light to medium duty applications.
Flywheel powered and cam actuated to ensure consistent settings.
Advanced cutting technology to punch a hole in multi-layered materials.
Compensator to allow for a nominal variance in material thickness.
Stripper plate to lift grommet and washer setting off the pilot of the anvil.
Available for grommet & washer sizes No. 00 to No. 2 (including Telescopic, Tooth and Spur).
Simplistic controls, operator and service friendly.
Spécifications :
Weight : 118kg.
Electrical: 220V-50 HZ.
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