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KeenCut STEELTRAK Vertical Cutting Machine

Keencut STEELTRAK has been designed and built by Keencut engineers to surpass all current standards and meet the exeptional demands of the 21st century sign industry.
Building on the huge success of the all-purpose Keencut Excalibur, and recognising the increasing demands of thicker, tougher sign materials, the design brief was simple:

“Create a brand new vertical cutting machine exclusively for the Sign Maker. It must be the best manual cutter ever made but offer exceptional value for money. It must be strong, versatile, capable, easy to use, virtually maintenance free and built to last almost indefinitely. It must withstand the closest scrutiny, the toughest tests and deserve a place in every sign making workshop.”
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Neolt SWORD Vertical Cutting Machine

Sword is the entry-level vertical cutting system designed on the real needs of small and medium sign makers, fitters and retail, industry and companies with high volumes of cut.
Fixed blade n°1 - (1 to 30mm).
Materials: cardboard / foam kmount / gato foam / spongy media / Expanded polhyurethane / plastic from 0,5mm / films / plastic alveolar / reboard.
Fixed blade n°2 to forex(max.10mm) & leather en Plastic (min. 0,5mm).
• Blade for Dibond from 1 to 3mm
• Blade V-Cut 45° & 60° from 5 to 19mm
• Blade GlassCut (max. 3mm).
• Blade per PlexCut da 1 to 5mm.
Materials: reboard / spongy media / expanded polyurethane.
Options and Accessories :
Millimeter rows for a perfect positioning of the subtrate reel, container for the collection of waste and integrated lamp for illuminating the cutting area.
Warranty 2 years.
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Neolt SWORD EL Electrical Vertical Cutting Machine

An entry level electric vertical cutting system for small to mid-sized sign makers with high cutting volumes.
Features & Benefits:
Maximum Cutting Capacity: 30mm.
Electric motor.
Millimetric base for tool positioning.
Adjustable cutting speed with potentiometer.
Constant and consistent cutting strength.
Foot pedal start up.
Low blade consumption.
Two fixed blades for different materials.
Tool for dibond and aluminium cut.
Diamond wheel for glass engraving.
Suitable for: Cardboard, foam mount, gator foam, spongy media, expanded polyurethane, plastic from 0.5mm, films, plastic alveolar, reboard, leather, Forex.
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Neolt SWORD ELS Electrical Vertical Cutting Machine

Neolt Sword ELS: power and excellence in vertical cutting.
Built on the success of Sword and Sword EL, here's the most innovative multifunctional and automated vertical cutter ever made by Neolt Factory, once again designed on the basis of customers' demand.
Custom-built, but accessible to many.
Absolute manufacturing excellence, Italian design, uncompromising power, high cutting precision: this is the promise of Sword ELs for modern sign makers, stand builders and industrial and artisan businesses with high cutting volumes of rigid and special substrates. All with a keen eye on the budget and with the highest levels of investment protection.
Multi-tool, multi-material, ultra-fast and XXL.
Sword ELs is characterized by a light and elegant, but at the same time robust and reliable body.
The unique design of the cutter equipped with millimetric ruler allows a safe and quick tool change, with the possibility of having two fixed blades always in position for the cutting of carboards and Forex, alongside with to a third motorized 30.000 rpm tool for cutting methacrylate and Dibond up to 5mm thick, with creasing function for folding-only requirements.
Available in 210cm, 250cm and 310cm heights, Sword ELs can reach speeds up to 24 meters per minute, and thanks to the solid and extra large base it can accomodate large size boards.
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