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Neolt SHIELD 1650 Cold Laminating machine

Shield is a laminating unit that combines innovation, performance, low investment level, full upgradability and protection of the investiment in the medium/long term.
The Shield series is in fact designed and built to fit the widest range of applications, from car wrapping to interior decoration and corrugated packaging, up to a wide range of display graphics and sign-making applications.
Thanks to its pneumatic technology, the Shield series reduces the setup time of the machine and the need to employ specialized personnel.
Contrary to laminators with electric pressure technology, the possibility of error in the thickness calculation is in fact reduced to zero.
The availability of a version with heated rollers further increases the fields of use.
Main Features
Plug & Play: Shield Series of laminators are equipped with internal air compressor.
It's enough to plug it in, bring the laminator up to temperature and start working;
Eco-sustainable air pressure system with much lower energy consumption compared to electric motors;
Self-adaptive: the air pressure system with independent pistons automatically adjusts to different thicknesses and the manages the flatness defects of the substrate.
The rollers get adapted to the surface in real time;
Flexible: it's possible to pre-set the pressure applied to each substrate.
Once the material is placed is always possible to make adjustments to the pressure;
Options and Accessories
Among the options available are the main rollers heated up to 50C, the manual horizontal cutting unit and a variable number of vertical cutting units in output, positionable at user's will
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Neolt NEOLAM PLUS 120C Cold Roll Laminator

That joins innovation, performance and protection of the investment in mid/long-term.
The NEOLAM PLUS series has actually been designed and manufactured to adapt to the widest range of applications of visual communication and sign-making.
Thanks to the use of pneumatic technology, the NEOLAM PLUS range reduces the machine setup and preparation time and does not need to employ skilled personnel.
Compared to the laminators with electric pressure technology, the possibility of error is actually reduced to zero.
The availability of a version with hot rollers max 120C even increases the areas of application.
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Neolt Rol Holder 165 Roll Holder

Neolt Roll Holder 165.
Stand Roll holder, configurable up to 16 reels of 165cm (8 ready to use + 8 in stand by).
Cutting system kit (optional) with bi-directional cutting head.
Meter counter (optional);
Easily moved stand on selflocking wheels.
Order your materials in maximum security.
Extractable and adjustable depth roll holders with double flange for fixing materials on supports.
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