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Superfax SF-35 Manual Creasing Machine

The SF-35 range of creasing systems are robust, reliable and hard-working.
The Creaser SF-35 is heavy duty and built to withstand the rigours of everyday use.
This manual creaser is great for creating creases in all kinds of paper and card.
Able to cope with stock up to 350mm, and with a creasing length of over 600mm.
Spécifications :
Max. Width (mm / inches) : 350 / 14
Max. Thickness (gsm/lbs) : 350 / 14
Creasing Depth (mm / inches) : 0.4 / 0
Creasing Length (mm / inches) : 600 / 24
Dimensions without Packaging (mm / inches) : 600x385x125 / 24x15x5
Weight without Packaging (Kgs / lbs) : 8.8 / 19
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Fastbind C-400 Creasing Machine

Fastbind’s C400 manual creasing machine is optimized to work in conjunction with perfect binding machines. The C400 makes the crease using a precision creasing bar and works with almost any paper/card up to 220 lb index stock.
Special step-shape guides enable you to make up to 4 creases without re-adjusting the machine.
The C400’s versatility and consistent pressure guarantee a sharp regular crease in card, paper, PVC coated cardboard, and numerous other materials.
Manual creasing machine.
1-4 creases with one setup.
Precise creases.
Creases up to 225 index carton.
Warranty 1 year
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Cyklos GPM 315 Creasing & Perforating machine

Easily manageable machine with working width 315 mm allows smooth folding of wedding cards, invitation cards, seasonal cards, etc. Creasing made by GPM 315 enables to fold paper easily without any paper damage.
The perforated finish can be applied on tear-off paper products such as admission tickets, vouchers, food coupons, etc.
Solid metal construction
Excellent for small and medium jobs.
Designed for both creasing and perforating.
Useful also for creasing laminated documents.
Two sizes of creasing bars.
Two adjustment screws for absolute precision.
Possibility of 45° angle crease.
Practical and decent design.
Warranty 1 year.
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Cyklos KSL 435 Creasing Machine

Easy to use machine with working width 435mm.
Creasing of paper (also digitally printed) made by KSL 435 provides simple but very precise bend.
Users can choose between four types of crease.
The creasing machine KSL 435 can also be used to process paper with a special surface treatment, such as that laminated on both sides.
The KSL 435 allows the easy folding of wedding cards, invitations, menus, annual reports, promotional materials, etc.
Warranty 2 years.

Metal construction.
Four sizes of creasing Tools.
Large desktop for formats with working width 435 mm.
Two adjustment screws for absolute precision.
Useful also for creasing laminated documents.
Possibility of 45° angle crease.
Fast exchange of creasing tool.
Easy to use.
WIDTH OF CREASE : 0,8 / 1,0 / 1,5 / 1,8 mm.
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OMM Mariner Creasing & Perforating machine

Strongly made in cast iron.
Perforating light 50 cm. Hand operated.
Graduated side gauge on graph tables. Chance to perforate half
sheet only.
The machine is well constructed and allows perforations with the
minimum effort. The model MARINER is designed with detachable
panels for easy and economic transport.
Warranty 2 years.
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