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Superfax BOOKLET SF-2 Booklet Macker

The Bookletmac Staples & Folds in one operation letting you produce professional Booklets quickly & easily
Key Benefits:
•Multi-Functional (Versatile)
•User Friendly
•Sturdy & Compact Design
Now you can create professionally-made booklet publications in the comfort of your own shop/office, and keep the extra saving in your pocket.
The BookletMac is fast and easy to use, allowing you to produce up to 800 booklets per hour and up to 64 pages.
Its versatile functions gives you the option of Fold & Staple, Fold only or Staple only.
The Bookletmac is Perfect for Bindery, Print Shop, Copy Center, Corporation, Advertising Agency, School, Church, Office and more!
Time saving: Up to 800 booklets per hour.
Powerful: Up to 16 sheets of 20 lbs paper at a time (64 pages).
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Superfax SF-500EU Booklet Maker for SquareBack Books

SF-500EU The first table-top booklet maker with a squarefold press
Will perform folding, stapling, and square pressing in one pass.
The whole process takes only approximately 9 seconds.
It forms the spine of the stapled booklet with a perfect, high-quality bind.
Technical Features:
Dual staple heads with 4 positions for a wide variety of booklet sizes.
Fold, staple and press in a single, one-pass operation.
Produces square back booklets.
LCD display makes for easy and convenient configuration.
Technical Information :
Speed Fold & Staple for 720 booklets/h.
Fold & Staple & Press for 360 booklets/h.
Fold types Stapling - Folding - Pressing.
Feeding table 25 sheets 80gsm.
Cover thickness max 220gsm.
Stapling positons 2 Stapling head positons in equipment, up to 4 (option)
Staple Capacity 210 staples.
Staples: 26/6, 26/8
Highlights Automatic with adjustable set-up time.
Format papier min. : 148mm x 210mm.
Format Papier max. : 320mm x 450mm.

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Hohner FOLDNAK M2 Bookletmaker

Professional production of booklets!
The Foldnak M2 bookletmaker with easy push-button operation turns digital and offset prints into professional booklets.
It can process formats ranging from A5 to A3 and uses either standard or loop staples.
The M2 has an integrated edge stapling function allowing both spine and edge stapling, with a simple conversion between one mode and the other.

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Hohner FOLDNAK 8 Bookletmaker

One machine with many advantages!
Precise stapling, accurate folding – the Hohner Foldnak 8 bookletmaker is extremely versatile, comes with a wide range of standard equipment and requires very little set-up time.
High flexibility!
The Foldnak 8 reliably finishes brochure formats from A5 up to SR A3 with usual Hohner quality.
A minimum of 105 x 210 mm can be achieved quickly and efficiently. The operator can change from normal to loop staples without resetting the unit – with up to four staples per booklet.
The unit includes corner and edge stapling functions. The short set-up times save time for production.
Except for the back and side stops, adjustments are not required. Four stapling heads can remain permanently installed – even if only two heads are used.
This saves installation and conversion time.
Closed side stops ensure a perfect paper transport.
The stops can be easily adjusted by means of a user-friendly guide. The Online Box can process statically charged paper, thanks to the integrated jogger and the feed belt with guide roller.
The comprehensive standard equipment includes an adjustable delivery conveyor, automatic release, side jogger,reset counter, signal lamp, misfeed control, staple empty indicator, missing staple control. Spoilage is prevented by means of a detection system.
The simple handling saves time and money.
Wear parts can be replaced, keeping maintenance costs low.
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Hohner FOLDNAK COMPACT Bookletmaker and Trimmer

Bookletmaker and Trimmer – all in one!
The Foldnak Compact is combining the functions of bookletmaking and trimming in a cleverly condensed unit.
With a wide range of formats and a very short set-up time, it is particularly suited for small, medium and frequently changing running lengths in digital or offset printing.
The machine has a particularly small footprint with a length of only 1.05m (without conveyor).
It is an efficient solution for digital or offset printers who need greater speed and flexibility in booklet production in addition to their online finishing equipment.
The Foldnak Compact handles stocks from all printing machines and will not become outdated when other machinery does.
An integrated trimmer ensures a perfect trim.
The Foldnak Compact is unbeaten in quality.
The patented stapling and folding principle guarantees exact positioning of staples.
Clamping before front trimming gives the booklet a sharp fold.
The mobile clinchers ensure a close fit of the staple and the in-feed belt guarantees a smooth paper transport.
In addition, the Foldnak Compact is equipped with side and front joggers as standard.
Set-up is very easy: format changes are effected by setting the trim position only.
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Hohner Foldnak Compact Line Four modules work in line for high-quality bookletmaking

Precision all the way down the line.
All four modules work in line for high-quality bookletmaking.
The Robo-Feeder reliably processes the print products via a Collecting Bridge to the Foldnak Compact for stapling, folding and trimming.
The SP 100 Compact presses the booklet spine into a square shape, which gives the stapled booklet the appearance of a bound product. The Foldnak Compact Line for premium bookletmaking is particularly suited for digital or offset printing agencies and everybody who wants to produce high-quality booklets in frequently changing print runs.
Robo-Feeder :
Independent feeding The Robo-Feeder is the perfect choice for bookletmaking in the digital printing business: it works reliably, efficiently and it is independent from the printer.
After inserting the printed paper stack the Robo-Feeder automatically separates it into sets.
- Smooth combination of printed sheets of different weights
- Short set-up times for frequently changing print runs
- High capacity of up to 1,300 sheets
- Separate suction and blast air adjustment ensures gentle processing

Collection Bridge :
Perfect combination to bookletmakers The new Collection Bridge makes it possible for the Robo-Feeder to operate with bookletmakers as the Foldnak Compact.
The Collection Bridge can be selected and controlled via the display of the Foldnak Compact.
- Tuned with the Robo-Feeder in format and speed
- Combination of bridge and Foldnak 8 requires an additional electronic box

Foldnak Compact :
Bookletmaker and trimmer in one unit The Foldnak Compact combines the functions of bookletmaking and trimming in a single and compact unit. With one of the widest range of formats in its class, it is particularly suited for small, medium and frequently changing numbers in digital or offset printing.
- Processing of loop staples
- Sharp fold due to pressing before front trimming
- Mobile clinchers ensure a close fit of the staple
- Side and front jogger

SP 100 Compact :
Accurate pressing for perfect spine The Hohner SP 100 Compact refines booklets accurately and quickly.
The booklet spine is still pressed into a square shape, which gives the stapled booklet the look of a high-quality binding.
- Up to 3,000 pcs per hour
- Refining of booklets

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Hohner SP PLUS SQUARE PRESS Square Press

Added value with spine finishing !
The square pressing module forms the spine of the stapled booklet to give it a look of a high-quality perfect bind.
The spine can be printed on and the booklets no longer spring open, therefore making storage and packing much easier.
The SP 100 Compact can be combined with the Foldnak Compact and the Foldnak Compact Line.
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Hohner 2S Trimmer 3-side trimmer for inline and stand-alone operation

Head and foot trim!
The 2S Trimmer extends the Hohner product portfolio and is the ideal solution for 3-side trimming of brochures when combining the Trimmer. The Hohner 2S Trimmer works inline to create a complete full-bleed booklet making system that is perfect for a wide range of on-demand applications.
Brochures, manuals, reports, policy documents and many more can be quickly finished in one streamlined operation without the need for additional handling or finishing.
The 2S Trimmer provides highly accurate cutting for booklets up to 100 pages (80 gsm).
The 2S Trimmer can handle up to 25 sheets per booklet (20 LB Bond / 80 gsm, 100 page booklet) and can also be used as a stand-alone module for already fronttrimmed booklets.
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