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Printemat WK 02-30 Automatic Banding Machine

Automatic Banding Machine WK02-30.
Light-duty tension, automaticaly seal and cut.
PCB control system with screen.
Easy settingStainless body.
Compact design.
Applicable tape paper & OPP film.
Strapping size : Max 460 x 200mm - Min 40 x 40mm.
Power supply : 220V/110V 50HZ/60HZ.
Control system PCB.
Strapping speed : 25 pcs/min.
Strapping tension : 5-40N.
Machine dimension : 630mm x 364mm x 474mm.
Net weight : 32kg.
Warranty 1 year.
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Printemat WK 02-30B Tape strapping banding machine

Light-duty tension, automatically seal and cut PCB control system with screen easy setting,stainless body, compact design.
Specifications :
Strapping Tension : 5-40N
Suitable Strap : Paper or OPP Film
Strap Specification : Width 30mm.
Max Tape Length : 500m.
Max.Package : 460mm x 200mm.
Min. Package : 40mm x 40mm.
Strap Speed : 3 sec.
Control system : PCB.
Strapping Tension : 5-40N.
Voltage : 220V,50HZ/60HZ.
Machine Size : W=630mm x D=364mm x H=1300mm.
Machine Weight : 72kg.
Warranty 1 year.

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Printemat WK04-30 Automatic Banding machine

Can use 60 Plastic tape.
With Pause function.
High speed up to 31 bands/min.
With counter.
High tension.
Touch screen control box.
Precise tension adjustment.
Step control.
Heat sealing
Material: OPP tape (60-100).
tape specification : width 29.2-29.6mm x L=150M.
Banding speed : 31cycles/minute.
Banding size : Max 400 x 200mm, Min 30mm x 10mm.
Banding tension : 5-50N.
Power : 120W.
Machine size : 575mm x 314mm x 507mm
Machine weight : 33kg.
Warranty 1 year.
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Printemat TD-88A Semi Automatic Strapping Machines

Automatic strapping machine LOOP Plus.
Power supply:220V 50HZ.
Max tension : 60kg.
PP tape width:6-15mm.
Min strapping size :60mm.
Max strapping size : Free size.
Strapping speed : 1.5 second/strap.
PP strapping core: 200mm.
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Printemat ARCH Q80D Automatic Strapping Machine

Automatic strapping machine for Polypropylene strapping.
Available in several arch sizes : 600x500mm, 800x500mm, 1000x500mm and 1250x500mm.
Strapping table with electronic control panel.
Welding by heating blade with control variator.
Motor protection in case of overheating.
Triggering then automatic stop at the end of strapping.
Technical specifications :
Minimum packaging dimensions : W=70mm x H=20mm.
Width of usable strap PP : 5mm, 6mm, 9mm and 12mm.
Strap PP thickness : 0.35 to 0.65mm.
Strapping speed : 53 cycles/minute.
Adjustable strapping tension from 0 to 90kg.
Noise level : 78dB.
Power supply 220V- 50hz, 10Amp.
Power : 1000 watts.
Work table height : 750mm.
Inner diameter of strip reel : 200mm.
External diameter roll size : 420mm.
1 year warranty.
Complies with CE safety standards.
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Felins LOOP Plus Automatic Strapping Machine

Package size min.: 700 x 60mm.
Loop: max. cm circumference: 150
Automatic control by micro switch
Programming the size of the loop
Strapping: 2 strengths
Table LxW mm: 406 x 355
Polypropylene strip, length x width: 760 x 6mm.
Warranty 1 year.
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Printemat Wiair 1200 Air cushion machine

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Printemat Wiair 3000 Plus Air Cushion making machine

The Wiair 3000+ superior welding quality packaging machine is capable of producing air cushions at will (adjustable size and quantity) for the wedging of products of all types of packaging.
The Wiair 3000+ is perfect for use up to 200 boxes per day.
It guarantees pressure resistance up to 50-60kg.
Suitable for work in the office, warehouse, for express delivery services, distribution centers, etc.
System suitable for small spaces, thus reducing storage costs.
Eco-responsible system: No polluting packaging product (polystyrene type): less carbon consumption and much less waste than conventional systems.
The Wiair 3000+ uses a 100% recyclable polyethylene film.
Flexible and easy-to-use system : select the cushion size and the length of the film to be made before pressing the start button.
WiAir does the rest!
The air is filtered before inflation so that there is no need to clean the inside of the machine.
Technical characteristics :
Max speed : up to 3000mm/min.
Integrated air supply system.
Air cushion dimensions :
Width = 200mm.
Height = 120mm.
Adjustable length up to 300 meters.
Film thickness: from 20 to 30.
Machine dimensions : P=527mm x W=200mm x H=230mm.
Net weight : 11kg.
Electrical connection : 220-240volts- 50/60Hz.
Complies with CE safety standards.
1 year warranty.
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Printemat MERCURY S2 Envelope sealing

Efficient and reliable sealing and counting at the same time!
With this machine you can seal letters as well as count them. The machine with integrated counter can be used as a sealer and/or counter.
This new model series MERCURY S2 has a deep construction (460mm) and is therefore optimally suitable for all commercial envelope standards of the formats C6, C5/6, C6/5, C5, B5, C4, B4, E4+C3 (flap on the long side)!
The model series "MERCURY S2" is available in 4 versions:
This envelope sealer can also seal nested letters as standard. Depending on the version, it is also available with the integrated, photoelectric infrared switching system for the automatic START and STOP function and/or integrated counter.
Warranty 1 year.
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